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Window Displays, Shows

and more

Window Displays, Shows and More

Ask us for promotional material

We can help you with window displays, stands for shows and more. For immediate use, we have an array of printable A4 PDF's that you can download and print, but if you don't mind waiting a day or two we can send you pens, brochures, travel guides and our lovely new luggage tags to help you promote us to your customers. We can work with you to custom-make window stickers and our Travel Trade Manager Brian Langford is ready to attend any shows and exhibitions you may be putting on.

Below are some ideas, links and contact details to help you.

082019 Destination Lounge South Molton inside

Window Displays

We can work with you to produce window sticker displays, as we did with The Destination Lounge in South Molton. For this dramatic double-sided sticker, Ian Goodenough came to us with an idea, and we worked with him on the design, and we think you will agree that it looks stunning!

Alternatively, we have a plethora of A4 printouts that you can use to decorate your office, and if you would prefer unbranded versions or for us to use your logo as well, we can do that too.

For any of the above, please contact Marketing Manager Hannah Lockett, who will get everything organised for you

Shows and Exhibitions

Our Travel Trade Manager, Brian Langford, is available to attend shows and exhibitions on behalf of Links Travel & Tours, to speak to your customers and support you in your efforts to sell Southeast Asia and the Far East.

If you have an event that you would like us to attend, please send Brian all the details and he will let you know if he is available

Downloadable A4 Posters

We have a vast selection of A4 posters that you can download and print out to use in your shop or office. There are also JPG versions available for use on websites and social media.

If you would like unbranded versions, or for us to use your logo, please contact Hannah, who will organise them to be sent to you

Pens, Luggage Tags, Travel Guides and Brochures

If you are putting on an event, we can send you a supply of pens, brochures, our informative Travel Guides and collectable new luggage tags which feature, Giant Pandas, Geisha, Buddhist Monks and Leopards.

To find out more, please contact Travel Trade Manager Brian Langford

Please let us know if there are any other ways we can help support you promote our products by contacting Hannah on 020 8543 8133 or Brian on 07826 070465.

We’re here to listen to your needs so if you need to chat, then why not email us or pick up the phone, we will be happy to help.