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Why Tokyo?

Discover Japan's dazzling capital - where ancient meets modern

Tokyo, Japan’s bustling capital, is home to just over 9 million people, and is the country’s largest city. Tokyo mixes modern with traditional, from neon-lit skyscrapers, cherry tree-lined parks, attractive gardens and historic temples and shrines. Prior to 1868, Tokyo was known as Edo, a small castle town in the 16th century. In 1603 Edo became Japan’s political centre. Today, Tokyo offers a seemingly unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment, culture and dining to its visitors. What is unique to Tokyo is that it is made up of smaller cities without one true city centre. One of the most popular attractions in Tokyo is The Imperial Palace, located in the district of Taitō. Other districts of interest include Asakusa, where the city’s history can be appreciated. Other highlights are Ueno Park, the city’s largest green space and particularly worth a visit during the cherry blossom season, and Tokyo Skytree is the world’s tallest free-standing broadcast tower. Tokyo’s premier shopping area, the lively and popular neon-lit district of Ginza, is another highlight of the city. Tokyo also has a fantastic selection of Museums, from the renowned Ghibli Museum, showcasing the animation work of Studio Ghibli, to fabulous art museums and the historical Edo-Tokyo Museum.

For details on festivals, special events and attractions throughout Japan, please click here.

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Tokyo Highlights

Here we have selected a few of the sights and experiences that you really should see on a visit to Tokyo.


Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

In addition to native, traditional Japanese gardens, this 144-acre park also has examples of French formal and English landscape gardens, all of which are worth visiting The park is filled with picturesque landmarks, such as a Taiwanese Pavilion on the edge of a tranquil pond. Formerly an imperial garden, it became a national garden after World War II.



The Senso-ji temple is at the end of the shopping street. Japanese worshippers gather around a large incense cauldron in front of the temple where the incense is said to encourage good health, before paying their respects at the Shinto shrine opposite.


Tsukiji Fish Market

The outer market, still in it's original position, has street-food stalls serving up everything from seared tuna to uni sandwiches in squid-ink sticky buns. Just down the road at Toyosu Market, meanwhile, you can taste fresh raw fish in a series of sushi bars and peek in on auctions and live fish sales from a second-story viewing station. You can also tour tour a large green space on the rooftop, which affords views of the Tokyo skyline.


Shibuya Crossing

Every visitor to Tokyo should visit the Shibuya Crossing and marvel at the organised way the public cross in their 1000's. The best time to go is at dusk, one of the crossings peak times and in its most flattering light.


Sumo at Ryoguku Kokugikan

Only three of six official grand tournaments happen in Tokyo, all at Ryoguku Kokugikan. The stadium houses over 11,000 eager fans under its green, pavilion-style roof. Official tournaments last just over two weeks each, which means Ryoguku Kokugikan sometimes hosts other events. But sumo is the arena's feature attraction, and if you're hoping to see sumo in Tokyo, this is where to find it.

A selection of tours to Tokyo

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    Private: Best Value Japan

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    Discover Japan by Rail

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    Essential Japan

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    Japan Golden Route

    This tour encompasses the classic Golden Route - Tokyo, Fuji and Kyoto

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    Essential Japan and South Korea

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    Japan Self-Drive Holiday

    Hiring a car to get around Japan is a fantastic way to explore the country, especially as they drive on the left.

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    Japan Family Tour

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