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Japan Themes Cafes

Japan: Themed Cafes

Karaoke Bars

Karaoke, or singing to a backing track synchronised with lyrics displayed on screen, usually in a privateroom, is a hugely popular pastime in Japan. There are a large number of karaoke bars available, especially in the larger cities such as Tokyo and Osaka.

Japan: Themed Cafes

Robot Restaurant

Located in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo, this themed restaurant features a lively pop-culture show with robots, dancers and lasers.

Japan: Themed Cafes

Cat Cafes

Extremely popular in Japan, there are over 150 cat cafes throughout the country, mostly in the larger cities of Tokyo and Osaka. Enjoy a drink and interact with the furry residents.

Japan: Themed Cafes

Maid Cafes

The unusual and eccentric phenomenon of maid cafes in Japan, where the waitresses are dressed in maid costumes, has become so hugely popular that there are now over 200 maid cafes in Tokyo alone.

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