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Why Zhengzhou?

A contrast of modern architecture with Shaolin Temples

The provincial city of Zhengzhou is a rapidly modernising metropolis with few relics remaining from its ancient past following the heavy bombing it received in the Second World War. The ancient city was the capital of Shang Dynasty 3,500 years ago, when porcelain and the Chinese technique of bronze smelting were comparatively more developed. A green ceramic glaze pot unearthed in Zhengzhou has been identified as the oldest example of porcelain in China. Zhèngzhōu is a great place to base yourself when visiting the Shàolín Temple, known as the cradle of Chinese martial arts and the inspiration for many Kung Fu movies.

ing bridge zhengzhou china


Here we have selected a few of the sights and experiences that you really should see on a visit to Zhengzhou.

Zhengzhou, China

Shaolin Temple

The Shaolin Temple, is reputed to be 'the Number One Temple under Heaven', with a history that dates back to the Northern Wei Dynasty, when it played an important role on the development of the Buddhism in China. Included on UNESCO's World Cultural & Natural Heritage List, it is the cradle of Chinese Zen Buddhism and Shaolin Martial Arts such as Shaolin Cudgel.

A selection of our tours to Zhengzhou

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