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Why Zhangjiajie?

Mesmerising beauty, and a unique fauna and flora

Zhangjiajie has a plethora of quartzite-sandstone formations found nowhere else in the world. There are 243 peaks and more than 3,000 karst land forms dominating the scenery of this park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For thousands of years, this was a remote land known mainly to three minority peoples: Tujia, Miao and Bai. Today more than 20 million visitors come here every year. It is also home to more than 3000 distinct plant species as well as diverse fauna. You'll see lots of macaques on the main trails, while endangered species such as the Chinese giant salamander, Chinese water deer and the elusive clouded leopard lurk deep in the park.

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A selection of tours to Zhangjiajie



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