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Yangtze River


Why the Yangtze River?

Winding about 3,964 miles, the Yangtze River is the largest in China and the third largest in the world! Originating from the Tanggula Range in Qinghai Province in western China, it traverses eleven provinces and cities from west to east, including Tibet, Sichuan, Yunnan, Chongqing, Hunan and Shanghai, where it finally pours into the East China Sea. The shoreline of the river is home to hundreds and thousands of ancient relics and architecture such as temples, mansions, pavilions, gardens.

Xiling Gorge yangtze china

Yangtze River Highlights

Here we have selected a few of the sights and experiences that you really should see on a visit to the Yangtze River.

The Yangtze River, China

Fengdu Ghost City

Approximately 100 miles downstream from Chongqing is the town of Fengdu, or “Ghost City”. Ancient stories say this is a town where ghosts and devils live, but today the 2,000 years of history coupled with it's spectacular setting on Ming Mountain, make it a pleasure to visit. You can discover temples and shrines of architectural significance, and marvel at the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

The Yangtze River, China

The Shennong Stream

A major tributary of the Yangzte River, with crystal clear water that flows swiftly from north to south, through wondrous landscapes and deep gorges. A sampan tour lets you to experience a high speed adventure along this newly opened unspoiled river. The arrow-like sampan glides through the spectacular Mianzhu Gorge, before entering the main Shennong stream.

The Yangtze River, China

The Three Gorges

A truly memorable experience awaits you on a cruise to the Three Gorges – Qutang, Wu and Xiling. The Xiling Gorge is known for its peaceful streams, caves, natural springs and the inspiration for many a Chinese poet. The Wu Gorge is treasured for its beauty and elegance, highlights include unusual shaped rocks and peaks, long canyons and deep crevices restrict the exposure to sunlight and aiding the atmospheric fog. Finally the Qutang Gorge, smallest in of the three but considered to be the most majestic.

The Yangtze River, China

The Three Gorges Dam

The worlds largest dam is one of the 21st Centuries engineering feats, it’s principal functions are hydro-power generation and flood prevention. The Three Gorges Dam Scenic Area is mainly composed of the Tanzi Mountain, the 185 Platform, the Dam Viewing Point and Memorial Garden. You will be able to see the culture behind the water conservancy project, and from the Viewing Platform, you will be treated to a panoramic view of the area.

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