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Why Pingyao?

For an authentic taste of old China.

Pingyao is China’s best-preserved ancient walled town. Lanes and alleys adorned with red lanterns, imposing city walls, elegant courtyard architecture, ancient towers reaching for the sky, and an array of temples and historic buildings combine to make this town not just authentic, but unique.

Pingyao china

Pingyao Highlights

Here we have selected a few of the sights and experiences that you really should see on a visit to Pingyao.

Pingyao, China

City Walls

The Pingyao City Wall of Pingyao, although ancient and often renovated, is still in good condition. Stretching for a length of six km, the wall resembles a tortoise. There are six city gates, one each on the north and south walls, and two each on the west and east walls. The south gate is the head of the tortoise, with the two wells outside being the eyes, and the north gate, is the tail of tortoise. Traditionally the tortoise was considered a symbol of longevity, so through ancient times the hopes were that Pingyao would be permanently secure.

Pingyao, China

Qiao Family Compound

The Qiao Family Compound is also known as Zai Zhong Tang, whose owner Qiao Zhiyong was a famous financier in the Qing Dynasty. With Chinese classical architectural and exquisite adornments, it is a typical example of the northern Chinese homes of the time. It not only displays the fortune and prosperity of the Qiao family, but also the areas folk customs and culture from the period.

Pingyao, China

Mian Mountain

This stunning mountain area is a great day trip when staying in Pingyao. Lined with precariously perched temples, scenic gully walks and breathtaking views, the road snaking around the mountain is an undemanding hike, and there are buses linking the main sights.

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