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A historic city on the banks of the Lancang River

Jinghong, founded in 1180, was the historic capital of the former Tai kingdom of Sipsongpana, now the Dai (Tai) people are one of several ethnic groups living in the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. The city has been heavily influenced by its Thai, Burmese and Chinese occupations. Each year on the 13 April to 15 April is the Dai Water Sprinkling Festival during the Dai new year. The celebration is located mainly on the banks of the Lancang River, which is what the Mekong River is called once it crosses the border into China.

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Jinghong Highlights

Here we have selected a few of the sights and experiences that you really should see on a visit to Jinghong.

Jinghong, China

Manting Park

The Manting Park is one of a must visit attraction in Jinghong as it is the oldest park in Xishuangbanna with a long history of 1300 years. It used to be the Dai Imperial Garden in ancient times. In the park, the grand Sipsongpanna Zong Fosi is the most important place for Buddhists in Xishuangbanna to worship Buddhas.

Jinghong, China

Manfeilong Pagoda

Another important attraction in Jinghong is the Manfeilong Pagoda where it is located on top of the mountain in Manfeilong Village in Jinghong County of Yunnan Province. Records in a sutra show that Manfeilong Pagoda was first built in 1204 (565 in the Dai calendar) with a history of 778 years. It was designed by three monks from India and the design was executed under the sponsorship of the chieftain of Menglong tribe. Dai people, men and women, old and young, will dance around the pagodas to celebrate the New Year and Water Splashing Festival.

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