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The home of Martial Arts

Dengfeng is known for its ancient religious sites, temple buildings and martial arts academies. The area of Songshan Mountain has some of China's biggest and most important Buddhist temples and schools, as well as those for Confucianism, and Taoism, and is where the Shaolin style of martial arts originated. The city was once known as Yangcheng at one time, and was said to be the capital of the earliest dynasty in China, the Xia Dynasty. The area is the centre of the development of Zen Culture and Shaolin Martial Arts, with about 62 martial arts schools. Over 50 thousand students both foreign and Chinese study martial arts here.

shaolin temple dengfeng china


Dengfeng, China

Visit the Shaolin Temple

Known as 'the Number One Temple under Heaven', this famous martial arts monastery, is the birthplace of both kung fu and Zen Buddhism.

Dengfeng, China

Explore the Pagoda Forest

The graveyard for the Shaolin Temple, it is filled with the tombs of eminent monks from years gone by. There are 232 ancient stupas in total, it is the largest of its kind in China, and is known as the museum of ancient stupas.

Dengfeng, China

Sanhuang Village Scenic Resort

Sanhuang Village Scenic Resort belongs to the area of the Shaolin Temple. As the main part of Songshan National Forest Park, it is famed for its verdant, wooded geologic land forms, and is known as a "Natural Geological Museum."

Dengfeng, China

Zhongyue Temple

A Taoist temple located at the southern foot of Taishi Mountain. As a major scenic spot in Mount Songshan National Park, Zhongyue Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



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