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Sunset Pranayama Meditation Session

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Sunset Pranayama Meditation Session

Enjoy a Sunset Pranayama Meditation Session at Wat Svay Romeat. It is a guided meditation led by one of Navutu Yoga’s wellness retreat masters, and done amidst the sacred space of the beautiful Wat Svay Romeat pagoda. Be guided back to the joy of living in the moment, and achieve clarity of vision for the mind, invigoration for the body and a rekindling of the spirit. This wellness activity is a 60 minute meditation session. Please allow 15 minutes for pre and post meditation. Mats and refreshing drink (coconut water) will be provided by Navutu Dreams. Monk Blessing is an optional added activity.

forest meditation WAT SVEY-ROMEAT siem reap cambodia
meditation WAT SVEY ROMEAT siem reap cambodia


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