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China Visas

China Tourist Visa Application Process

All travellers between the ages of 14 to 70 visiting China need to complete the online visa application form and make an appointment to go to their nearest visa centre to get fingerprints taken.

We are here to provide support and assistance and have listed below the processes you need to follow to make everything as simple as possible. We will also double check the form before submitting it, to ensure that the answers are likely to conform with the visa centre requirements.

Our easy to follow, step-by-step guide to the visa process is set out below. Alternatively, you can download a PDF version by clicking the following link: China Visa Procedure


Your passport needs to be valid for at least six months after travel and have a minimum of two blank pages for the visa. You will also need a photocopy of the page with your photo, personal information and signature.


Online Application



The photo required for your visa needs to be a new one, and NOT the same as in your passport.



When completing the form, please take care to remember the following:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once completed, please send Links Travel & Tours your login details, so that we can double check all the details before submitting the form. We will then download a copy of the form and forward it to you to take to your appointment at the visa centre.



Once your visa application has been accepted, you will need to choose how you wish your passport to be returned to you. You can return to the centre to collect it, or provide the centre with a pre-paid envelope to send on to you.




Return of Passport in Person

The visa centre will let you know when the passport will be ready, so you can make an appointment to return and collect it. This can be done by you, or a trusted person.


Return of Passport by Post


Children under 14 and People over the age 70

Children under 14 and adults over 70, still need to complete the online application service, and the fees are the same, but they do not need to have their fingerprints taken.

We’re here to listen to your needs so if you need to chat, then why not email us or pick up the phone, we will be happy to help.