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We’ve Changed Our Name!

Links Travel & Tours

We’ve Changed Our Name

by Hannah Lockett | September 12, 2018

You have probably noticed that China Links Travel, Japan Links Travel and Vietnam Links Travel, have changed our name to Links Travel & Tours, and wondered why….

Well, the company is now in our 10th year, and to mark the occasion we’ve added a new destination – Sri Lanka. Rather than setting up another brand and website, we thought it would be easier for everyone if we bought everything together under one new name. And that’s how Links Travel & Tours was born!

The Name

We wanted to keep a link to our existing brands, so it couldn’t be anything too different. We also wanted to leave it open to add new destinations in the future, so it couldn’t be region specific either. After much deliberation, and many contenders, we plumped for “Links Travel” – as a direct link to existing names – “& Tours” – to make it a bit less general.

The Logo

Once the name was sorted, we had to come up with a new logo. Like the name, we wanted it to be familiar to our loyal customers and didn’t want it to be too different. So we decided to stick with the same ‘swish’ and typeface. Then it was just down to where to place the words, and after a bit of “up a bit”, “down a bit”, “right a bit”, the logo was finished.

The Colours

Our owner and founder, Helen Li, is Chinese and was insistent that the logo use red for luck. Once we’d decided on the exact red we wanted to use, we had to decide how much of it we wanted and where. There were many, many designs considered; everything red, red words, white out of a red block, but we thought that having just the ‘swish’ in red was the better option. Once that was settled, we moved on to the wording. Black was ruled out from the start, as it is an unlucky colour, and blues, greens and various shades of grey were trialled, until eventually we all agreed on the dark grey colour you see now.

Existing Brands

To help you identify our locations, we will continue to use the existing colours for the established destinations, and we’ve chosen a blue for Sri Lanka:

And Finally...

If you would like any further information please contact us at or call 020 8543 8133.

Happy travels,


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