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This Week's TV and Radio

Tuesday 19 February 2019

This Week’s TV and Radio

by Hannah Lockett | February 19, 2019

Here we have put together a list of the travel related TV and radio programmes that are due to air this week and cover our destinations, that we think will be worth a watch. So, set your TV to record and watch at your leisure


China’s Megatomb: Secrets of the Terracotta Army
National Geographic Channel, Sun 24  Feb 2019, 11pm
Documentary exploring the tomb of China’s first Emperor and its army of Terracotta Warriors, revealing the macabre secrets that have challenged accepted historical records.

Maritime Silk Road Reborn – Spice Trail
National Geographic Channel, Fri 1 Mar 2019, 8pm, Series 1, Episode 2
Historian Sam Willis retraces the routes of medieval China’s treasure ships from the East China Sea to the Malacca Straits, and how they still influence modern shipping.

China from Above – Land of Mountains and Rivers
National Geographic Channel, Fri 1 Mar 2019, 10pm, Series 2, Episode 2
An aerial exploration of China’s vast interior, revealing the people who live in some of the most diverse landscapes on the planet.


Wildest Islands – Japan: Islands of Extremes
Animal Planet, Weds 20 Feb 2019, 7pm, Series 2, Episode 1
A look at the vast array of Asian and Arctic species that inhabit Japan – the expansive archipelago of 6,852 islands covering a range of climatic zones.

Free Thinking – Images of Japan
BBC Radio 3, Thurs 21 Feb 2019, 10pm
Illustrator Fumio Obata and manga translator Jocelyne Allen discuss Japanese comic book imagery and how to tell stories of disaster in graphic novels. Plus, Christopher Harding talks to the authors Yuya Sato and Kyoko Nakajima.

Monty Don’s Japanese Gardens
BBC Two, Fri 22 Feb 2019, 9pm, Series 1, Episode 2
Part two of two. The horticultural enthusiast explores Japan during autumn. He begins as he did in the spring, at one of the `three great gardens of Japan’ to learn how they are protected from the coming winter. Monty follows the history of the Japanese garden through the military strongholds of past leaders to the many styles, new and old, of the iconic stroll garden and finds a slice of Victorian England in the heart of Tokyo. He also learns how the Japanese are weaving nature into their concrete urban jungle. He ends his journey by the Sea of Japan at a place that makes art out of its gardens.


The Real Marigold on Tour – Vietnam
BBC One, Wed 27 Feb 2019, 9pm, Series 3 Episode 3
Wayne Sleep, Rosemary Shrager, Syd Little and Stephanie Beacham embark on a journey to the heart of the Far East, Vietnam, beginning in the capital city of Hanoi. Here, Rosemary and Stephanie explore their local neighbourhood, while Syd and Wayne decide to cool off with an afternoon dip. The following day the group join hundreds of local pensioners exercising around the Hoàn Kiem Lake. For the second half of their stay, the group swap the heat of the city for a cooler climate in the mountainous region of Lao Cai, before ending their time in Vietnam by scaling the summit of its highest mountain.


Eight Go Rallying: The Road to Saigon
National Geographic Channel, Sun 24  Feb 2019, 10pm, Series 1 Episode 2
The teams face a race for the Cambodian border, despite two of the cars having been put out of action during the first leg of the journey. Noel and Liz and Andi and Miquita must drive through the night on treacherous roads if they are to reach the checkpoint before time runs out. Once over the border, the rally heads for Angkor Wat, the mysterious centrepiece of the ancient Khmer empire, which some believe could be evidence of an other-worldly civilisation. Finally, all four teams are reunited as they make their way to Phnom Penh, where Tinchy and Jordan and Martin and Shirlie hire cars to replace their damaged vehicles.

Sri Lanka

Wild Sri Lanka – Coast of Giants
National Geographic Channel, Fri 22 Feb 2019, 8pm, Series 1, Episode 1
Documentary exploring the diverse wildlife of the country’s coast and seas, taking clues from the water around the island to examine how the landmass came to be and why its complex climate and unique location see such a diverse range of species inhabiting its shores.

Wild Sri Lanka – Land of Lakes
National Geographic Channel, Fri 22 Feb 2019, 9pm, Series 1, Episode 2
Documentary capturing the wildlife of the island’s plains. The film explains how the country’s unique position – where two tropical oceans meet bringing two monsoons a year – and explores how this affects the creatures that live here.

Wild Sri Lanka – Forest of Clouds
National Geographic Channel, Fri 22 Feb 2019, 10pm, Series 1, Episode 3
Documentary capturing the wildlife of the island’s central highlands, which are known as the cloud forests, examining the threats faced to the creatures that live in the area as the habitat rapidly vanishes.

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