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The MUST GO Lavender Farms in Hokkaido

by Winnie Wong | May 6, 2018

You may have wandered around some of the beautiful lavender farms in England and France, absorbing the fragrant aroma’s, but did you know that there are lavender farms in Hokkaido, Japan, that you really should visit on any summer journey to this fascinating country.  The best time to go is in July,  when the lavender in Furano is in full bloom. Stroll around the picturesque fields, with your camera at the ready for some great photo opportunities. The lavender ice creams sold at Farm Tomita, are a must for anyone with a sweet tooth, especially on a hot summers day, they are cool and delicious. While you are there, why not treat yourself to a Yubari King melon flavoured soft ice cream, a famous top grade melon in Japan which was sold at auction for 3 million yen (about £21,500) for a pair earlier this year!

Nakafurano Lavender Festival

Each July, there is a Nakafurano Lavender Festival, which is a great experience if you have time in your itinerary to spend a couple of days in the area. The event is a true spectacle and includes a 400 year old, traditional hand-held firework celebration!

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