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Ice Bathing in Japan

- photo from Adventure Japan

Ice Bathing in Japan: Winter Adventures at Lake Shikotsu

February 2, 2024

Feel the chill in the air, hear the crisp crunch of snow beneath your boots, and break the ice—quite literally—as you embark on a winter exploration like never before at Lake Shikotsu

Are you ready to embrace your inner polar bear and plunge into the icy waters for a thrilling, winter wonderland adventure?

Frozen Fun on Lake Shikotsu

Discover the endless and daring ways to relish Lake Shikotsu’s icy embrace on cold winter days. From burying your friends in the snow to riding on the frozen lake and floating in the icy water, this experience is tailor-made for those seeking a crazy yet exhilarating way to enjoy winter’s icy delights. Suit up in a special dry suit designed to shield you from the cold, and get ready for a plunge that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Dive into the Icy Wonderland

Navigate the ice-covered lake in the heart of winter, surrounded by a landscape of breathtaking clarity. Break through the ice, take a leap into the lake, create snow-covered masterpieces by burying your friends, glide across the frozen expanse, and experience the unique thrill of floating on icy water. The choice is yours, and our top-notch drysuits ensure that you remain comfortably dry throughout your adventure.

A Culinary and Relaxation Delight

Extend your frozen escapade by indulging in a lunch buffet and bathing at the “Shikotsu Lake Tsuruga Resort Spa Mizu no Uta,” located just a 3-minute walk away. Revel in a new style buffet featuring healthy cuisine that defies conventional categories, be it Japanese or Western. After your daring exploits, unwind in the Lake Shikotsu hot spring, renowned for its skin-beautifying properties.

Basic Information

  • Time: 90 minutes (Ice Walk experience only)
  • Meeting Point: Ocean Days (Guest House Shikotsu Kamui), Banchigai, Shikotsuko Onsen, Chitose-shi, Hokkaido 066-0281
  • Included: Guide fee, dry suit, gloves, photography during the tour, accident insurance, lunch buffet, hot spring bathing fee
  • Excluded: Parking fee, other expenses not included in the tour

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