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Christmas Dinner

Across Asian Countries

Christmas Dinner: What Do People in Asia Eat for Christmas?

December 14, 2022

Christmas is a time of the year to show love and affection. Preparing the meal is always the best way to show your family and friends that you care about them. If you are thinking about making a delicious meal for your Christmas dinner, check out some of these recipes.

It is known that different people around the world celebrate their holidays with very different traditions. Nowadays in Europe we eat turkey for dinner during Christmas time but what about other places? Links Travel and Tours shares what Asians prepare and eat for their Christmas dinners.



While Christmas in Japan is a festive time like other countries, there is a unique spin on the holiday in Japan. It’s a chance for couples to try to make their relationship last longer by setting aside their differences and having that perfect date night, but even most Japanese think of Christmas as just another week.

So what do people eat in Japan for their Christmas dinners? It’s not turkey, it’s chicken! Chicken from KFC! Yes, you read that right. It has been a tradition in Japan to order KFC chicken for their Christmas meal. How did this custom start then? It all started in 1974 when KFC had a Christmas campaign with the slogan: Christmas with KFC.

With the new love of chicken, KFC has become a tradition in Japan. So much so that ordering your Christmas dinner has to be done weeks in advance. If you want to experience this culture, you may book a tour to Japan with Links Travel and Tours.



Christmas is the most popular time of the year in Malaysia. It is a time to celebrate and be merry. The main event is eating roast or fried chicken. There are many famous places that serve this dish and most people go to these restaurants on Christmas Eve for their favorite dishes.

From roast meat and mashed potatoes, to turkeys, mashed parsnips and all sorts of salads – there are so many different choices. There are also lots of traditional dishes such as curries and satay which are added in their Christmas menus for some exciting flavours.


Christmas Eve is the best night of the year in Vietnam! It’s not officially a public holiday, but there are many shops and restaurants that stay open all night to celebrate with their families. Christmas lights, decorations and gifts can be seen everywhere around town on this special occasion.

As for their meals, Christmas dinner in Vietnam can be a bit of an ordeal. The most common dishes are pho and bun, which are noodle soups, and bún riêu, a rice vermicelli stir fry. Other popular dishes include porridge (bao) and vegetarian fried rice (gỏi cuốn). 

You can enjoy a slice of assorted sweet Christmas cake filled with red bean paste served throughout the evening.  If you want to try out this lovely cake, you may book a tour to Vietnam with Links Travel and Tours.


Christmas celebrations in Thailand are different from the rest of the world, in the sense that 25th December is not a holiday in this country. Still, there are a few Christmas special events that are celebrated in Thailand such as cookies, sweet buns and wear bells.

The Christmas dinner in Thailand is typically rice and curry for the locals. However, Westerners will be served a more traditional meal as well. There are also more western-style Christmas menus on offer in Thailand, ranging from curries to pasta salads.


A traditional Christmas celebration in Sri Lanka is a family affair. The mixture of sweet and savory flavors in the cuisine can be traced back to days when spices were first introduced by traders from India and Indonesia. Today, many Sri Lankans still celebrate Christmas with much gusto, while embracing their multicultural heritage to make the occasion uniquely theirs.

The Sri Lankan Love Cake is a spongy, moist cake made from flour and coconut milk. It’s a mixture of honey, semolina, pumpkin preserve and spices – just like Christmas cake but less sweet. It is a wonderful sweet treat that is mild enough for little ones, yet rich enough for adults. It is sweet and savory in flavor and made with fresh ingredients. They make a perfect gift for loved ones too!

It would be a nice experience to try out the lovely cakes during Christmas in Sri Lanka. Check out Links Travel and Tours’ packages to Singapore and book a tour with us.

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In Singapore, locals tend to be more adventurous than their counterparts in other countries.  When dining out during Christmas, there are plenty of options and options for everyone. 

Singaporeans usually eat a festive spread called ‘Christmas canai’ during Christmas. This consists of various small dishes served in individual bowls. An accompaniment to this is often a bowl of curry puffs or Deep fried Chicken wings. If you do not have the money to buy your own ingredients, there are plenty of vendors selling the same dishes at different stalls along the streets that are set up year-round.


Christmas is celebrated in Laos, but it doesn’t really resemble what many people see as the “perfect” or “traditional” Christmas. Instead, it’s a much simpler yet still very meaningful celebration of Christ’s birth. But even so, there are many ways in which one can celebrate the season that is truly unique to Laos!

One of the traditional Laotian meals is laap. It is an ultimate staple in Laos and the menu is always filled with pork, fish, chicken and beef. The dish is made from minced meat that’s immediately fried or kept raw. This dish includes a bunch of fresh herbs like sweet basil, cilantro and mint. Most restaurants in Laos serve their laap with sticky rice powder to perfect this meat laden dish.

Laap is a must try when you visit Laos. If you’re planning to visit Laos in the future, keep in mind about Links Travel and Tours to help you with an itinerary.

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The biggest holiday in Cambodia is Vesak, or Buddha’s birthday. Since most Cambodians are not Christians, they don’t really go all out on Christmas. On this day, people will visit or attend services at a temple. This is the closest celebration to Christmas in Cambodian culture.

Countless food traditions have their origins in Christianity, but one of our favorites has to be eating on Christmas Day. With that being said, visitors to Cambodia will be hard-pressed to find many restaurants serving up these festive meals. Instead, a delicious Khmer meal is a great Christmas meal! Favorite dishes include fish amok, grilled squid, and Khmer red curry. 


Christmas is a time to be with family and friends, and what better way to celebrate than sharing homemade meals. Choose from traditional meals such as turkey or ham, alongside regional recipes that are sure to please all in the family.

If you are planning to celebrate Christmas in the Asian countries included on our list, you can make an inquiry to us at Links Travel and Tours. We will make sure you have the best experience for your next Christmas vacation!

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